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8 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2014

Productivity, Success, Time Management

Posted by  smartmovesinc

businessman-in-airport-with-smartphone-800x532No entrepreneur builds a successful business all alone.  One of the best ways to become more efficient and build bigger businesses is through apps.  With that in mind, we've rounded up the top apps that will help any entrepreneur take the new year by storm.

  1. TrackMaven: TrackMaven is dedicated to making the lives of marketers easier, more productive, and more effective. TrackMaven makes it easy to beat your competitors and improve your marketing across paid, owned, and earned channels.
  2. EchoSign: Transform the way you work with your customers. EchoSign's complete, automated electronic signature and web contracting solution features the easiest signing experience in the industry. Instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your customers and partners.
  3. MobileDay: One-Touch into ANY conference call on ANY conference provider with MobileDay®. Experience the benefits of One-Touch without having your Calendar, Contact, or Location Services data leave your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Skitch: See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch.
  5. FedEx Office: The FedEx Office mobile app allows you to seamlessly print your documents to any FedEx Office location or have it delivered at your convenience. Upload a file for printing from My Online Documents, powered by FedEx Office, from other cloud repositories, such as Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or from your email. You can also track the status of a shipment or job order, or find a FedEx Office location at your fingertips.
  6. Mint: Making financial decisions in real-time is easy when you can view up-to-date information about your accounts, check your budgets and edit info on the app. Buying a latte or charging concert tickets? Enter cash or pending transactions in the app right at the time purchase and instantly see your available bank and credit balances.
  7. Pocket: As entrepreneurs, we're full of great ideas, so much so that they hit us when we least expect them. Enter Pocket, a phone-based bookmarking app which can save all types of content - anything from a lengthy article to a work report -- to all your electronic devices.
  8. Email client app, a tool that lets users consolidate email subscriptions into one 'Rollup' and even unsubscribe from multiple newsletters at a time, has introduced a new service that lets users block email senders. It's called 'Contact Blocking,' and the feature allows users to now create a list of contacts that have emailed them or which are stored in their contact list and block them from getting through to the inbox.

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