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Smart Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring Inside Sales Reps

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Posted by  smartmovesinc

successful-face-to-face-sales-meetingsAuthor: Josiane Feigon, President - TeleSmart Communications, Inc
This is a great article and I think most of these questions apply to outside sales people as well.

Do you need to hire some inside sales reps this year? Are you tired of asking the same old interview questions and getting the same answers? Finding good talent is getting harder - especially with the growing demands of the inside sales role. How you interview and hire is the beginning and if you use old interview questions, you will get the same results. It’s time to refresh your new-hire interview questions with our free Team Behavioral Interview Questions. These are loaded with: Tons of new questions you can reference during your interview process. New categories such as problem-solving and dealing with ambiguity and multi-tasking. Insights on what drives behavior and what motivates individuals. Click here to read 25 great interview questions.


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