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50 Must-Know Statistics for Holiday Sales and Marketing

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Posted by  smartmovesinc

In 2017, holiday retail sales in the United States are forecast to amount to about 680.4 billion U.S. dollars. The holiday season can account for as much as thirty percent of a retailer's annual sales. Today we are helping you prepare for the holiday season with 20 must-know stats for the holiday season.

  1. November and December drive 30% more e-Commerce revenue than non-holiday months.
  2. 78% of shoppers used the internet for holiday research last year.
  3. An estimated, 92% of holiday shoppers will go online to either research or purchase gifts this season.
  4. The most popular time to buy online is weekdays from 12-2pm and on Sunday evenings.
  5. According to a recent study, 41% of online shoppers purchased from a new retailer.
  6. 1 in 3 retailers dedicate 31-50% of their total online marketing budget to holiday efforts.
  7. US retail e-Commerce will grow 16.6 % this holiday
  8. 86% of retailers expect their 2017 online holiday sales to increase.
  9. 38% of marketers do not use personalization in their marketing efforts.
  10. 98% of companies aren’t set up to identify, deliver on, and measure moments of intent in the purchase journey.
  11. 72% of millennials research online before heading to brick and mortar stores.
  12. 49% of shoppers view products in person, then find cheaper prices online.
  13. 22% research a product on their smartphone while in store.
  14. 27% read online peer reviews of a product while in store.
  15. 71% of shoppers who use smartphones for research while in-store say that it’s become an important part of their experience.
  16. People who shop both in person and online spend 66% more than those who only go to stores.
  17. 93% of shoppers take action for free shipping.
  18. Free shipping was deemed the 2nd most important factor for shoppers when purchasing online.
  19. 83% of shoppers will wait two more days in order to get free shipping.
  20. Delivery speed is the 4th most important factor in the online buying process.
  21. 50% of shoppers will choose a slower transit time for free shipping.
  22. 7 business days is the average time shoppers are willing to wait.
  23. 91% of shoppers say a low price is an important to very important factor in the decision to buy.
  24. 47% of online shoppers say they would consider enrolling in a product curation or subscription service.
  25. 40% of mobile users look for or redeem mobile coupons when shopping.
  26. 74% of shoppers say they are influenced by coupons and offers online.
  27. 63% of consumers will be likely to share a link for a holiday contest.
  28. 74% of shoppers search online to get ideas for their holiday gift lists.
  29. 1 in 5 shoppers made a purchase after opening a retailer’s email on their mobile device.
  30. Last year, e-Commerce orders coming from social media grew a staggering 202%.
  31. 20% of online shoppers say that FaceBook helps influence their decisions.
  32. 10% of online shoppers say that Pinterest helps influence their decision to buy.
  33. 19% of marketers are using social this holiday season to generate qualified leads.
  34. 80% watched product review and ratings.
  35. 68% preferred product videos from “people like me.”
  36. 45% preferred videos from experts.
  37. 18% of online shoppers start off on a retailers website to begin searching.
  38. 28% of online product searches take place on
  39. Mobile accounts for 50.3% of all e-Commerce traffic (eclipsing desktop).
  40. 1 in 5 e-retailers spent 50% of their marketing budget on paid search.
  41. More than 70% of brands are allocating more than half their digital marketing budget to search and social this season.
  42. 11% of online shoppers prefer to buy on tablet or smartphone.
  43. 80.9% of people who shop on tablets end up buying.
  44. 44% of online shoppers prefer to buy on a desktop or laptop computer.
  45. 38% say they will not return to a retailer’s website if it’s not mobile optimized.
  46. Mobile-optimized sites saw revenue grow 168% from March to May last year.
  47. 50% of shoppers abandoned carts that did not give an estimate on delivery.
  48. 58% abandon the cart after seeing shipping charges.
  49. Last year, 53% of those who shopped online used smartphones or tablets
  50. 40% of users will go to the competitor after a bad mobile experience, yet an alarming 84% have experienced difficulty completing a mobile transaction.

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