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Six Obstacles With Your Sales Tеаm'ѕ Workflow

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Posted by  smartmovesinc

campaign-creators-1166991-unsplashEvery person wants to be as productive and resourceful as possible, but for a lot of teams it remains an indefinable and unmeasured goal. As a sales manager, you want high levels of productivity for your team. But what is the real, underlying issue if they are not meeting goals?
When your team is not meeting their quotas or they are spending a disproportionate amount of their time on non-sales tasks, most managers might go with the assumption that their team is lazy or not trying hard enough. However, their motivation or attitude may not be the problem. Instead, it could be a workflow issue. Today we are going to review six potential problems in your team's workflow.

1. Repetitive Tasks
It is estimated that most salespeople spend half of their tіme оn administrative and other tasks, while they spend only a third of their time selling. Instead, be sure that time is minimized through integrated administrative software, project management systems, and productivity apps.

2. Outsource or Delegate Lead Generation 
Consider having the marketing department generate the leads, cultivate them and turn them over tо a salesperson only when the leads are sales-ready. Marketing can use social media, email, or a variety of forms of digital marketing to bring in new leads. Automated nurturing sequences can be set up to building a relationship before being turned over to the sales department.

3. Standardize Proposals and Contracts 
 If your team is creating their own proposals and contract, they are wasting time and possibly putting the company at risk. Have your lawyer and CFO create the templates along with your marketing department.

4. Standardize Your Sales Tools
Be sure that all sales tools are standardized. Too often salespeople will create their own brochures and presentations. Not only is it a waste оf tіmе but it may not be in exact alignment with the messaging for the company. Have your marketing department create all ѕаlеѕ tools, presentations, and brochures.

5. Delegate Cross-Sell and Up Sales
If possible, train your client services team to do the low-level selling or repeat sales. Let your sales team focus on the bigger deals with bigger customers or brand-new customers.

6. Delegate Customer Service and Administration
Dealing with clients and customers on routine matters can consume an enormous amout of a salesperson's time. Make sure your client services team handles customer service and customer administration tasks. Involve the sales person only when there is a serious issue, or a big opportunity.


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