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High Impact: Retention and Development Strategies in a Competitive Workforce

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Posted by  smartmovesinc

Posted by Aoife Gorey

Would you say that all your employees are top performers? Probably not! Did you know that unless all your people are ‘superior’ performers, you are losing money unnecessarily. If you can move performance of an employee from ‘bottom’ to ‘average’ or ‘average’ to ‘superior’, the results can be tremendous. Regardless of the size of your organization, these moves can have a dramatic and measurable financial impact. Smart Moves’ Sales Assessment and Profile XT will allow you to identify your top, middle and bottom performers.

Say for example you are manager of a sales team in your organization:

John’s Sales Team

§ 10 salespeople

§ Total quota of $8,400,000

§ Total sales of $8,203,000

§ Average sales per sales person is $820,300

Here we see the team carrying a combined annual quota of $8,400,000 that has fallen short by $197,000. Next step is to identify your top, middle and bottom performer’s annual sales.

Top performers (2 employees)

-Total sales $2,200,000

-Average quota performance 184%

Middle performers (3 employees)

-Total Sales $2,960,000

-Average quota performance 115%

Bottom performers (5 employees)

-Total sales $3,034,000

-Average quota performance 67%

Worrying facts: Your bottom performers were 67% complete against their quota and that 50% of the team are bottom performers. Your top performers are proving that more can actually be done and in reality no one was hired for middle or bottom performance. Sales are now being lost unnecessarily.

Imagine the impact if you could change one thing, developing your bottom performers to be average performers.

Imagine if…..

Performance improvement Additional annual sales New total sales
Raise one bottom performer to middle $452,467 $8,655,467
Raise ALL bottom performers to average $2,262,333 $10,465,333

That is over $10 million dollars in new business from a simple performance shift that can be easily done once you understand how to make your team work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Learn today about the cornerstones of performance.

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